Travel Uniform Ordering Info

Beginning with the Fall 2014 season, the PTSA has contracted directly with Adidas and / Eurosport to furnish its uniform kits for all travel teams. As a result, the association and its players will receive significant discounts, guaranteed product availabillty and product support.  Please use the link in the travel team assignment email.  If you can't find it, you can also use the link below and put your child's name in the search tool to locate and order the required items.  Note for 2016/17:  The PTSA has used the same uniform style the past two years to avoid unecessary uniform expenses for our families. With the Birth Year change (50% of the kids changing age groups / teams) and the old Regista style being discontinued and in limited supply, we have decided that it would be most cost efficient for all to order new kits this year.  The new Regista design is guaranteed to be in stock with Adidas until 2018 and we plan on keeping the style for at least 2-3 years.  Average cost for the 2 full kits is approximately $100 and if your child plays for 2 years, that will cover approximately 32 games.


Uniform Ordering Process

Shortly after players are assigned to a travel team, parents will receive a welcome email with a link to's ordering system.  Once there, you will look up your child's team name and the required uniform "Kit".  The required items are 2 Jersey's, 2 Shorts and 2 Socks.  This will complete two full kits (Red and White).  THe required items will be listed along side the optional items and PTSA Spirit Wear.  With a few short clicks your child's uniform will be ordered and shipped to your door. Questions on sizes or need more assistance, please read the FAQ's, call our dedicated helpline at (877) 308-7989 or email our team rep Jim Kupec Please note, you will not be able to see your child's team in the system until after your child's team roster has been submitted by your coach and you received the welcome email from / Eurosport.

Sizing / Helpful Tips

Please be sure to check the Adidas sizing charts prior to ordering.  Youth Large or Youth XL can be larger than Adult Small in certain areas.  Sizing charts are available on but are also provided below for easy reference.

**  Special Note for Girls Teams  **

For girls teams, the ordering system will show two jerseys for each color and two shorts as being "Required".  That is becasue youth sizes are not available in the "Women's Cut" for Adidas and are only available in the "Men's Cut".  Each player only needs to order 1 Red Jersey, 1 White Jersey, 1 pair of Red shorts, 1 pair of White Shorts, 1 pair of Red socks and 1 pair of White Socks.  While the system automatically presets all of the required items to a quantitiy of "1", you simply change the items you do not wish to purchase to "0" and you will be able to proceed to the next step.