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In House Rules / Modifications

Summary of direct and indirect free kicks

Travel Game Procedures (Grade 8 Certifed Referees)

Weekly referee schedule will be emailed from the referee coordinator each week.

Procedures for coaches to schedule / reschedule games / cancel games:

  1. The two coaches agree to the cancellation / rescheduling.
  2. Call your PTSA age group commissioner.
  3. Contact the Referee Coordinator - Dave Faina.
  4. You must give a minimum of 24 hours notice for a cancellation, excluding those caused by weather. The referees adhere to the message on the field status link for field closings. Because of set schedules for in-house play, there are no "rain delays" to the start of your game if the fields are open.
  5. You must give a minimum of 5 days notice for a make-up.

Exception (in-house only): If there are referees who are there for the game prior to your rescheduled game AND they agree to stay, you must contact the Referee Assignor or the Assistant Referee Assignor after the game with their names to make sure they get credit.

  1. You may not contact any referee directly for game assignments, except as noted in the exception. For make-ups, you may request referees whom you know are available. This may include your sons and daughters, or siblings of your team members, who are referees.

  2. U8's use a two person crew; U10's and above use a three person crew.  If there is not a full complement of uniformed referees for your game, you may recruit any referee who may be present to fill that slot (in-house only). (Many referees have siblings playing in your division and may be at the game in civilian clothes.) Exception for U10 and above: the referee who fills in must be 2 years older than the age group you are coaching; else they can only perform the duties of a club linesperson. You must contact the Referee Assignor or the Assistant Referee Assignor with the name(s) of the referees who filled in so they can get credit.


PT Soccer is currently looking for more youth referees. 

A great way for the kids to earn a little spending money or fund additional soccer training.  Also teaches valuable lessons in leadership and teamwork.  Flexibility allows you to schedule around your family's busy schedule.

Children interested in refereeing In-House Rec games must be 10 years old by March 31st.  Requires the PA West "In-House" training class (approx 3 hours)

Those who want to referee travel games must be 14 years old by March 31.  Require a "Grade 8" certification by attending a PA West Referee training class (approx 8 hours).

Please contact the Referee Assignor Dave Faina for information on how your child can be trained and certified to referee games.  

PA West Referree Training class schedule is here: