Field Information

In partnership with Peters Township Parks and Recreation, the PTSA uses these complexes to host its soccer leagues and events.

1. Peterswood Soccer Complex 138 Meredith Drive, Venetia, PA 15367

2. Elm Grove Park 250 Thompsonville Road, McMurray, PA 15317

3. Rees Park - 178 McCombs Road, Venetia, PA 15367

4. Venetia - 800 Venetia Road, Venetia, PA 15367  (behind Venetia Community Center)

5. Old Grashopper - Peterswood Park

Peterswood Soccer Complex 

Completed in 2012, our state of the art turrf field complex is fully lighted and features 7 fields.  Located in Peterswood Park, the PSC is the primary complex for the PTSA.